Scale of the Universe: From Planck’s Length to Galaxies

Scale of the universe. Image credits: Cary and Michael Huang

Have you ever wondered about the limitlessness of the universe?

From the minuscule Planck’s length–the smallest thing you can sensibly talk about, to the vastness of the galaxies. Everything summed up in this irreverent video of the scale of the universe in the classic “Power of tens”.

The video starts from the Planck’s length to neutrinos, quarks, and moves onto atoms (and its neutrons, protons, and electrons. From there we go to the elements in the periodic table, DNA, cells to our view of the macroscopic world. It all ends in the most distant galaxies.

Yep, it is all in the video. Have a look:

If you are feeling too small and insignificant then fear not, nothing means anything and we are all going to die. You are welcome.

Source Huang Twins

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