Does reproducibility crisis exists in Science?

Last year Nature surveyed 1576 researchers to know their views on reproducibility in research through a brief online questionnaire. The outcome came as a shocker for many and revealed some unpredictable statistics.

More than 70% of the researchers agreed that they tried but failed to reproduce published results from other scientist’s or groups/labs experiments. More than half even failed to reproduce their own experiments-claims Nature.


Image credit:Nature

Although 52% surveyors agree to the significant ‘crisis’ of reproducibility, less one-third feel that failure to reproduce results causes any type of discredibility to the published literature. Still most of them agreed to regard and trust the published material.

Downlaod the full questionnaire used in the Nature survey and the raw data in a spreadsheet (the data are also available as a tab-delimited file at Figshare).

Source Nature TED-Ed

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