NASA needs your help in building 3-D Printed Habitat for deep space exploration

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NASA’s Centennial Challenges

Yes you read it right! NASA Centennial Challenges wants YOUR help building a 3-D printed habitat on Mars.NASA ,in collaboration of Bradley University, is holding competition seeking innovative ideas to build printable 3-D habitat for deep space exploration which will also including the agency’s journey to Mars. This multi-phase challenge is divided in 3 phases. It aims to design a capable system that advances the existing construction technology for developing sustainable housing systems for Earth and space..

About the 3D-Printed Habitat Challenge

The challenge which is divided into 3 phases already saw Phase 1  ran through Sept. 27, 2015. The phase which was a design competition, asked participating audience to develop state-of-the-art concepts exploring architectural advantage of the innovative design potential 3-D printing offers. The prize money of of $50,000 was awarded in 2015 to the winning team at a fest in New York.

Phase 2 is currently open until the end of this month for the registration and challenges competitors to develop and demonstrate a working recycling protocol that can fabricate components using materials compatible for both space and Earth.

The registration deadline for online competition for Phase 2  which already started on 16th October, 2016 closes on 31st January, 2017.

The prize money for the winning team holds a whooping $2.5 million!!!

Final phase, Phase 3 is still under development. It will follow the developmental outcome from Phase 1 and Phase 2.

March 31, 2017: Phase 2, Level 1 submission deadline

May 31, 2017: Phase 2, Level 2 submission deadline

For other Important dates and more information about the competition an be found here: NASA’s Centennial Challenges

To register, and for the official rules and documentation, visit Bradley University page



Source NASA.GOV Bradley University

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