Map of Physics: How Different Fields in Physics are Connected

The Map of Physics. Image Source: Dominic Walliman/Youtube


Physics is all about finding that one ultimate equation, that defines all other laws, that is the master of all occurrence, which explains all exceptions and leaves no doubt. That one ultimate equation we may fearlessly refer to as even celestial being.

Complex enough!!

But is physics really complex? Or are we making it seem so?

As some Physicists would argue – Complexity in understanding concepts of Physics is a result, not a cause, of confusion. Physics has to be the simplest of all the sciences when you look at the rules that drive it. If you understand the rules, it’s as easy as painting.

Physics may or may not be complex but the truth is that it is a huge discipline. It covers vast canvas from galaxies in the depth of space to the sub-atomic particles. From black holes and wormholes to quantum teleportation and gravitational waves. Whichever way you put, it happens to be one of the most fascinating and riveting science.

But all this sounds more confusing to a layperson, who struggles to understand how Newtonian physics, with its predictable observations of physical forces, affects him.

Forget that, even a high school student struggles to relate the different branches of physics: classical and quantum physics.

In an attempt to alleviate the confusion, physicist Dominic Walliman explains a map of physics. With a simple visual illustration: an animated video map, he tries to show the simple connections between classical physics, quantum physics, and relativity.

The Map of Physics. Image Source: Dominic Walliman/Youtube

He further adds, “If you don’t know physics, it’s sometimes difficult to see how all of these different subjects are related to each other.”  But of course, once you start understanding them it gives a sense of satisfaction.


Walliman believes, “quantum theory is the best description of the universe we have.” However, once we come to quantum gravitation, we reach “the giant chasm of ignorance”. It is here that speculative and controversial ideas like string theory and loop quantum gravity arise.

The video shows there’s a gaping “chasm of ignorance” that physicists need to fill in. Only after that, we can truly understand how the universe works. This includes things like dark energy and quantum gravity, which work in theory, but so far have never been directly observed or explained.

Watch the video and have your say.


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