Images of Chemical Reactions That Will Blow Your Mind

Mesmerising microscopic image of Silver crystals. Image credits: Beauty of Science

Tell this to chemistry major’s student and he/she will give you an earful. But fear not Beauty of Science has released a beautiful project, Envisioning Chemistry.

Taking advantages of the state-of-the-art photography equipment, including high-resolution microscopes, high-speed cameras, thermal imaging infrared cameras, and 4K Ultra HD cameras, they reveal the beauty of chemical reactions like never before.

Trust me, this is going to blow your mind. It may even make you fall in love (again).

Growth of silver crystal. Image source: Beauty of science

You might have learned numerous reactions between copper-silver nitrates, zinc-lead phosphates, various precipitation reactions between silver nitrate and sodium chloride.

The list goes on and on but these high-resolution images will mesmerize you.

Have a look at the videos below:



Black magic!!!


Source Beauty of Science

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