Ice Cream That Doesn’t Melt is Being Sold in Japan

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Science is proving its worth day by day. “Unbelievable!! A great news for the ice cream lovers.”

Don’t be in hurry to eat ice cream. No matter how slowly it is taken the shape will maintain.


Japanese Scientists have developed a pretty ‘cool’ resolution to stop ice cream from melting before you have time to finish it. Researchers of Kanazawa University in Japan have established an approach to keep up the shape of an ice cream by increasing its melting point.

It’s all because of an accidental discovery by the pastry chef of Japan in 2011.

Image credits: kanazawaice/Instagram

In 2011, when Japan was recovering back from earthquake and tsunami, Japan’s Biotherapy Development Research Centre asked a chef to find a way to use strawberries grown in the areas suffered from the natural disasters.

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The chef after trying several varieties of methods discovered something interesting about the fruit. He criticized that the part of the strawberry, when added to cream, leads to its solidification.


Hearing of the complaint, team of scientists at Kanazawa University decided to take a closer look and found out a compound named polyphenol (liquid extract) in strawberries accountable for solidifying the cream.

The strawberry extract, they found, blocks the oil and water to isolate fast which is what occurs in regular ice cream. They tested it by mixing with ice cream and bring into being that it would avoid ice cream from melting. According to a report by Sora News,

“The product can last for three hours at room temperature with rarely any signs of melting.”

The extract did not require testing by health inspectors as it was fully natural. Rather, it was made accessible to local shop owners who happily began selling thisin different shapes on sticks or forms to customers.

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To check how well it stands for the warmer temperatures, some customers hold their ice cream for many minutes in direct sunlight for checking it will melt. Others conducted the samples of it to the hair dryers and artificial heating surroundings. In all reports, ice cream keeps up its shape for several hours in a warm atmosphere and gave cooling sensation in the mouth.

The newly discovered ice cream is still in dilemma for immigrating it to other countries. Currently, it is being sold only in Japan.

Source Sys Sora News

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